Improve Your Sales Results with Improv Skills

Boost Your Sales by Building Meaningful Customer Relationships

Integrate improv techniques into your customer conversations with straightforward sales tips that will revolutionize your sales approach. The Ditch the Pitch Sales Practice Program will help you engage customers, build relationships and close more sales.

 Build stronger, more authentic customer relationships

 Improvise engaging conversations with each customer

 Learn how to listen to discover customers’ true needs and interests

 Practice Ditch the Pitch principles in your customer conversations

 Sell more to existing and new customers

Tear Up Your Sales Pitch

When you join our Ditch the Pitch Sales Practice Program, you’ll gain tangible,
action-oriented tools to help sharpen your sales skills and improve your results.

Build Stronger Relationships

When you create strong relationships with customers, prospects and referral sources, those relationships lead to smoother sales, more repeat business, and higher-quality referrals.

Maximize Your Sales Efforts

You put a lot of time and effort into selling. Your success depends on how productive those efforts are. What are you doing to make the most of your sales opportunities?

Realize Your Sales Potential

Your marketplace is competitive. Even if you’re already successful, are you developing as much business as you could? It’s time to realize the potential in your business.

The Ditch the Pitch Sales Practice Program is based on the proven approach in Steve Yastrow’s best-selling sales book, Ditch the Pitch.

“It’s simple: sell to people the way you’d like to be sold to. This book will give salespeople the courage to be human.”

Seth Godin – Author, The Icarus Deception

“Business is an act of improvisation, and I’m thrilled to see this thought brought into such sharp focus by Steve Yastrow. There’s an axiom in our work: the less you plan the more you’ll discover. We’d all benefit from ditching the pitch more often, and co-creating with our clients and prospects so we can discover more.”

Tom Yorton – CEO, Second City Communications

Ditch the Pitch Sales Practice Program Description

This program will help you learn and practice the six Ditch the Pitch Habits. You’ll have access to seven unique action-oriented modules that will include instructional videos, written content, downloadable resources, and an ebook copy of Steve Yastrow’s book, Ditch the Pitch.

We’ll focus on one habit at a time so you can practice and develop the skills to master each habit.

Included in the program:

  • 28 instructional videos
  • eBook copy of best-selling sales book Ditch the Pitch, by Steve Yastrow
  • Downloadable Ditch the Pitch Habits Pocket Guide
  • Downloadable Ditch the Pitch Workbook
  • Pre-and post- self evaluations
  • Certificate of Completion

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